Indiana might have some of the most relaxed gun laws in the country, but it’s still easy to overlook regulations.

You could be facing extreme punishments for an honest mistake. You should find a gun rights lawyer to help protect your rights and hold onto any of your firearms when you’re facing criminal charges.

At Chopra Criminal Defense, Bloomington gun charge lawyer Allison Chopra will actively fight against a conviction. Together, we can secure the best possible outcome for your situation. Call (812) 671-0103 for a free virtual consultation.

Legal Help for Bloomington Gun Charges

A gun crimes conviction can drastically impact your life. Once you’ve been charged, you need to act quickly. A firearms defense lawyer can help you navigate your case with the necessary care and attention.

Indiana criminal defense lawyer Allison Chopra can help you with any gun crimes you’ve been charged with, including:

  • Possession of a handgun without a license
  • Possession of a firearm with a domestic battery conviction (IC 35-47-4-6)
  • Using a firearm to intimidate someone
  • Pointing a firearm (IC 35-47-4-3)
  • Criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon
  • Possessing a firearm on school property (IC 35-4-9-2)
  • Illegal sale of a gun (IC 35-47-4-6.7)

Call our office to discuss your weapons charges and let us help you defend your right to carry a firearm.

Penalties for Firearm Convictions in Indiana

Being convicted for a weapons charge in Indiana can carry serious consequences. Your criminal history and the details of your case can affect your sentence.

If convicted, your sentences can range from misdemeanors with jail time and fines to felonies with lengthy prison sentences and hefty fines. Here’s a breakdown of potential penalties:

  • Misdemeanors: These typically involve lesser gun offenses. They can result in up to one year in jail and fines up to $5,000.
  • Felonies: Felony gun charges carry much harsher penalties. Depending on the class of felony, levels 1 to 6, potential sentences can range from six months to decades in prison, with fines up to $10,000.

Examples of Gun Crimes and Respective Penalties

  • Battery with a Deadly Weapon: This is a felony with a potential sentence of one to six years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000.
  • Possession of a Handgun by a Serious Violent Felon: This is a Level 4 felony, carrying a potential sentence of two to twelve years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000.

Potential Factors Considered During Sentencing

Each gun crime case is unique. You could face more severe punishments depending on circumstances such as:

  • Criminal Record: You can expect a sterner sentence if you have a prior criminal conviction. If you were convicted of a violent offense before your gun crime, your sentence will be much harsher than someone without a criminal record.
  • Use of the Firearm: If you used a gun while committing another crime, such as robbery or assault, you will likely face more a severe sentence.
  • Potential Injuries: If someone was hurt or killed because of your use of a gun, you can expect a hefty sentence and other criminal charges.

Other Collateral Consequences of an Indiana Gun Crime Conviction

Court-imposed penalties shouldn’t be your only concern when you’re facing criminal gun charges. Other restrictions can affect your life, like:

  • A loss of gun rights
  • Employment restrictions
  • Housing issues
  • Difficulty obtaining professional licenses
  • Immigration issues

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Why You Need an Indiana Gun Charge Defense Lawyer

A weapons charge on your criminal record can impact your life and future opportunities. Don’t face your charges alone — even minor mistakes can jeopardize your freedom.

You stand a better chance at getting charges dropped or reduced by working with an experienced gun crimes defense lawyer. Bloomington firearms defense lawyer Allison Chopra has years of experience in law practice, including her time as a criminal prosecutor.

Her knowledge of the criminal justice system gives Allison a unique approach to her clients’ cases, crafting effective defenses.

Defenses Against Indiana Weapons Charges

Facing gun charges might make you feel helpless or overwhelmed. Working with a committed firearms defense lawyer can provide invaluable advice and strategies to fight your charges.

For instance, Allison Chopra may employ some of these defenses in your defense:

  • Using a weapon in self-defense
  • A case of mistaken identity
  • Alibi for the time of the alleged crime
  • Procedural errors by law enforcement
  • Unknowingly possessing the firearm
  • A lack of evidence to secure a conviction

We will gather as much evidence as possible to support our argument. The prosecution is responsible for proving your guilt “beyond a reasonable doubt.” We will work to establish weaknesses in the prosecution’s case.

Even if there is too much evidence against you for us to fight the charges, Allison can negotiate to secure a desirable outcome, such as a reduced sentence, probation, restitution, or no jail time.

Fight Your Weapons Crime Charge. Call Allison Chopra.

Being arrested for a weapons charge in Indiana can be frightening. Remember that you have rights and that working with a skilled criminal defense attorney gives you the best chance at a positive outcome.

You could have a valid reason for carrying or using a firearm. You deserve an attorney who hears your side of the case and approaches your defense with compassion and accuracy. You deserve Chopra Criminal Defense.

Fighting against weapons charges isn’t easy. However, attorney Allison Chopra and her team will not back down. With our aggressive tactics, distinguished legal experience, and sharp attention to detail, we can help you.

If you’re facing criminal charges involving weapons, time is of the essence. Don’t hesitate to contact our office for a free, 30-minute consultation: (812) 671-0103.