You might have been wrongfully accused, made a regrettable mistake, or had a seemingly-consensual encounter used against you. No matter the situation, you’re likely fearing severe penalties and judgment from others.

There are arguably no criminal charges as stigmatized as sex crimes. If you’ve been charged with a sex offense in Monroe County, you need an aggressive and passionate defense attorney to represent you effectively. Lawyer Allison Chopra of Chopra Criminal Defense is here to help you fight these charges and advocate for an outcome that works for you.

Legal Help for Bloomington Sex Crime Cases

For many, a sex crime charge can feel like the end of the world. Sex crimes carry unique consequences and, as a result, require a unique approach to their defense. Now is not the time to tackle these charges alone. You need an aggressive and determined lawyer who will craft a defense that specifically works for you and your best interests.

Chopra Criminal Defense offers experienced and effective legal representation for every type of Indiana sexual offense, including:

  • Rape
  • Sexual battery
  • Child molestation
  • Sexual misconduct with a minor
  • Child solicitation
  • Child seduction
  • Child pornography charges
  • Inappropriate communication with a child

Penalties for Sex Crimes in Indiana

No matter the exact charges, a sex crime is a serious offense, and the consequences can seem incredibly harsh. You deserve an insightful lawyer who treats you with humanity and compassion as you work together to build an effective defense. Otherwise, you could face punishments that may have been reduced or avoided entirely.

Levels of Indiana Sex Crimes

Indiana has various “levels” to classify sex offenses by severity. A level 6 felony is the lowest sex offense, and a level 1 felony is the highest.

Level six felonies can include possession of child pornography, sexual battery, and sexual misconduct with a minor. However, the circumstances of your case—such as the use of a deadly weapon—can enhance the felony to a more serious level. Finding a knowledgeable attorney who can evaluate your case and help determine the exact charges you face is crucial.

The legal penalties of a sex crime conviction will undoubtedly impact your life. If convicted, the penalties involve:

Registering as a Sex Offender

The sex offender registry displays the addresses, photos, names, and other relevant information of people convicted of a sex crime. The registry is accessible online to the public—including employers, partners, friends, neighbors, family members, and total strangers. Your privacy is jeopardized if you end up on the sex offender registry, and you may be on there for life, depending on the severity of the charges against you.

If you fail to register as a sex offender or do not notify officials of an address change or other updates to your information, you could be listed as “non-compliant” on the registry and face additional felony charges, jail or prison time, fines, and other penalties.

Prison Time for Indiana Sex Crimes

Depending on the severity of your charges, you could face months or even years in prison if convicted of a sexual offense:

  • Level 6 felony: six months to two and a half years in prison
  • Level 5 felony: one to six years in prison
  • Level 4 felony: two to 12 years in prison
  • Level 3 felony: three to 16 years in prison
  • Level 2 felony: 10 to 30 years in prison
  • Level 1 felony: 20 to 40 years in prison

Fines & Additional Sex Crime Consequences

If you’ve been convicted of a serious sex crime in Indiana, you could be forced to pay fines of up to $10,000. The financial impact of a conviction can be devastating. Defense attorney Allison Chopra can help negotiate for lower fines and reduced penalties so that you don’t have to bear this burden alone.

Aside from the legal penalties, you will likely experience indirect issues upon a sex crime conviction in Indiana. For example, you might face the following:

  • Limited job opportunities
  • Loss of child custody
  • Harassment from others
  • Strained relationships with family and friends
  • Issues with housing
  • Inability to live and work in certain areas, such as nearby a school or park
  • Revocation of your professional license

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Why You Need a Sex Crime Lawyer

Needless to say, being convicted of a sex crime in Indiana can damage your reputation and future. You might feel hopeless regarding your defense but know that you have options and can secure a desirable outcome.

If you’re facing charges for a sex offense in Monroe or a surrounding county, your best option is to consult an experienced sex crimes defense attorney as soon as possible. Attorney Allison Chopra is here to listen without judgment and build a defense that puts you at the forefront—prioritizing your needs and what you need to accomplish.

Defenses to Indiana Sex Crime Charges

There are many ways you can challenge a sex crime charge. Common defenses to a sex crime charge in Indiana include:

  • The alleged “victim” consented to the sexual act
  • Your identity was mistaken, or you were wrongfully accused
  • Law enforcement lacked probable cause to arrest you
  • There is insufficient evidence that you committed the crime beyond a reasonable doubt
  • Indiana’s “Romeo and Juliet” laws apply to your case

Attorney Allison Chopra of Chopra Criminal Defense is prepared to sit down with you and thoroughly evaluate your case, discussing every potential option so you can feel informed and at ease in your defense.

Avoid a Sex Crime Conviction. Call Allison Chopra.

Sex crimes are serious offenses in Indiana and should never be taken lightly. Bloomington sex crimes lawyer Allison Chopra has years of experience handling sex crime cases—even as a prosecutor. She knows what goes into the other side’s case against you and how to attack and undermine their argument.

At Chopra Criminal Defense, we offer an approach that fits your schedule and needs. Our consultations are entirely virtual so we can talk with you conveniently and thoroughly. Chopra Criminal Defense values transparency with our clients and will help ensure your voice is heard in the sex crime defense we build for you.

If you’ve been charged with a sex crime in Indiana, or think you will be soon, don’t hesitate to contact Allison Chopra as soon as possible for a free, 30-minute consultation: (812) 671-0103.